Learning at the Speed of Light
Two former senior IBM executives who came to The Alfred P. Sloan Foundation in the early 1990s with a few ideas about online education.

The Call of Nursing

The Call of Nursing
Twenty-three nurses practicing around the US and the world describe in their own words how and why they do what they do.


Protecting Our Future
Volume One examines 9 of the 16 federally designated critical infrastructure sectors, and offers expert analysis on threats and opportunities within each.


Courageous Learning
Offers a comprehensive look at the shifting priorities of American students, the needs of adult learners, and the ways to best serve them.


Sanctuary of Illness
A powerful and personal inside tour of what happens when our arteries fail, reminding us that heart disease seldom affects just one heart.


Cybersecurity in Our Digital Lives brings together cybersecurity experts to examine evolving threats and challenges in social media, mobile, supply chain, Internet of Things, and more.


The Language of Men
A beautifully written memoir about a Vietnam vet father and the complicated legacy he leaves to his son.


An intimate memoir that shows what it really takes to live with and manage type 1 diabetes, an incurable, life-threatening disease.


Saving Troy
A glimpse into the harsh realities of the firefighters and paramedics of Troy, a down-at-the-heels, rust-belt city in upstate New York.

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