About Us

Hudson Whitman is the small press you’ve been looking for.
It’s the right publishing company at the right time.

To say publishing is shifting is something of an understatement. Change is radical, and it seems to be happening almost daily. Readers have more opportunities than ever to buy books wherever and however they want, and authors, often dissatisfied with standard publishing arrangements, are choosing alternative routes to finding those readers. Many authors are discovering, however, they lack the time, the skills, and the support to go it alone.

That’s where Hudson Whitman makes a difference. While we are a small press, we pride ourselves on being knowledgeable and responsive. And, we offer some things that authors seem to value most in a relationship with a publisher: an editor to work with, marketing support, wide distribution, and fair contracts.

Since Hudson Whitman is not locked into an outdated supply chain or tethered to ways of doing business that hold legacy publishers back, we are free to explore, to create, and define as we go.


Unlike other college presses, Hudson Whitman publishes contemporary nonfiction in areas that support the academic interests of its parent institution. A little bit about ours: Excelsior College is a distance learning college with administrative offices in Albany, New York. Excelsior (formerly known as Regents College) has been committed to removing barriers of access and affordability to working students for forty years. The school is non-profit and primarily serves an adult population. Excelsior takes an innovative approach to education and is perhaps best known for its School of Nursing and its reputation as a military-friendly educator. It also offers a variety of degrees, including both a BA and a master’s degree in Liberal Studies.

We are seeking “books that make a difference” in the following areas: nursing, health care, business & technology, cyber security, criminal justice, alternative education, and, because of the large number of active duty and veteran students, military interest. We also have a special category, American Culture & Society, for surprises and exceptional writing that may not easily fit in a single category. We are especially interested in writing that looks at familiar problems in new ways, incorporates fresh insight or new attitudes, and includes voices and topics that may be underrepresented.


William Patrick is the press editor. He understands authors, their needs, styles, personalities, and, perhaps most importantly, their goals. As an instructor at Fairfield University’s MFA program, it’s his job to make good writing better. As an award-winning author of seven books (three novels, two volumes of poetry, and two nonfiction titles) as well as several screenplays, he is attentive to the time and the commitment required to communicate clearly to readers, and the importance of telling stories well, across genres. Bill works closely with Hudson Whitman authors, and has the support of a seasoned, four-member editorial review board behind him. This kind of attention to craft is rare in the industry, and one that Hudson Whitman is proud to offer.


Sue Petrie is focused on making Hudson Whitman the best press it can be. She’s Hudson Whitman’s backbone, the “soup to nuts” person. Sue has broad experience in the industry that includes production, marketing, publicity, sales, and printing. She’s pitched titles to the New York Times Book Review and the famously grueling New York Review of Books. She’s written cover and marketing copy, designed ads, worked with digital and offset printers, and has created and implemented marketing plans with authors. She even spent a year with self-publishers and has seen what works, what doesn’t, and why. Sue knows that for a new press to succeed it must respond to authors individually, be ready to implement new technology quickly, and be able to distribute books in a variety of formats across platforms. And, of course, be willing to take chances.

As of Fall 2013, Hudson Whitman offers traditional distribution of printed books through Itasca Books, reaching Ingram, Baker & Taylor and Barnes & Noble. Our e-book distribution includes all the popular suspects, as well as library distribution with Overdrive, Freading, and EBSCO. For those who prefer to buy direct, ebooks can also be purchased right from the press website, and printed books can be purchased right from Itasca, or  ordered via IndieBound. In 2014, we added foreign rights representation, and an experienced book publicist is at hand who enthusiastically supports both our mission and our authors. It is our goal to make each book the best it can be, and with that in mind, regularly submit them for awards.

Our Authors

Hudson Whitman is interested in creating partnerships with authors, and establishing a system of clear communication. We put our best effort into creating a high quality book, one we can all be proud of. Then, we work together with the author to market and to sell. The hard part of selling books is, frankly, selling them. That’s why we want to publish writers – first-time, emerging, and seasoned – who are serious about quality, but who are also willing to do legwork, to help create a market or tap one they may already be part of. We create contracts that include the interests of both the author and the press, develop a comprehensive marketing plan together, base our print runs on what we can realistically sell, make sure e-books are available in as many outlets as possible, then work together to accomplish goals.

Marketing, Publicity, and Awards

Hudson Whitman straddles two worlds – the larger reading public and Excelsior College’s “core community” –  comprised of students, faculty, staff, and alumni. We are  developing reach into both areas simultaneously, and actively work to raise awareness of the press and its publications through many avenues at the college, as well as in the general media and to the book-buying public.

The press and its authors are regularly featured in the College’s newsroom, Excelsior Life, with interviews and podcasts. Authors all have extensive lists of readings and events. As far as publicity, we’ve had stories in print and online publications, including USA Today, the Boston Globe, Albany Times Union, Detroit News, Everyday Health, and Scrubs magazine. Authors have been interviewed on Wisconsin Public Radio, Dr. Radio, and on BetterTV. We’ve been reviewed in Rain Taxi, Library Journal, Foreword, and Huffington Post. Hudson Whitman authors and books have been featured in online literary journals, such as Geurnica, Solstice, and Mason’s Road. Excerpts have run in such places as the The Yale Journal for Humanities and Medicine and The San Diego Reader. And, we’ve received a Book of the Year Award (gold) from Foreword Magazine and a silver IPPY, as well as a “QED – Quality/ Excellence/ Design” designation from Digital Book World for our nursing journal, N21, which is a free iOS app. Reviews appear regularly on Amazon, GoodReads, and LibraryThing, and are paired with excellent competing titles. Each year we attend both AWP (Associated Writers Program), and Book Expo America.

Our marketing plans combine the author’s contacts and platform with our reach, via social media, events, conferences, and e-newsletters both into the college’s departments (including faculty, alumni, and, when appropriate, with its offsite partnerships), as well as the book buying public.

Finally, we’ve begun exploring overseas markets and have had recent discussions with publishers and agents.

In Conclusion

Hudson Whitman is not a vanity press. It does not charge reading fees or require authors to pay for editing, marketing, design, or any component of the publishing process. We’ve invested in creating a streamlined, paperless system whereby we receive manuscripts, distribute them for review, and receive editorial comments electronically.

Please be assured that all manuscripts submitted are acknowledged first with a form letter, then contact from the press, usually within a 1-2 days. In most cases, we reach a publication decision within 4 weeks. Each author is contacted directly with that decision.

Thank you for taking the time to learn about our press. We hope you will consider Hudson Whitman for your next publishing project.