“I’d been working on The Language of Men for five years. After my time at Randolph, I got to a place where I felt it was finished. I didn’t realize I’d feel that way many more times. I started writing query letters to agents, but the book still didn’t feel finished to me. The query got rejected a bunch of times, a few agents took a peek at the manuscript but rejected it. Then I got discouraged, hit a wall with the manuscript itself and wasn’t sure where to go. Then I met Bill Patrick at Hudson Whitman/Excelsior College Press. We crossed paths at Stonecoast years ago. I contacted him about the book and he passed the manuscript on to the editorial board and they expressed interest in working with it. These past few months have been incredible for me because Bill and I formed that writer-editor relationship that I thought didn’t exist anymore. I sent him what I had plus pages and pages of raw material and together we shaped it. Many of the people on the editorial board at HWP are writers; they, too, have been on the receiving end of criticism plenty of times, so it was helpful for me to have them in my corner, especially as a first-time author learning the ropes.”
– Anthony D’Aries, The Language of Men

“I had the unusual experience of knowing three other people who had their first books published the same year mine was. They had three different, respected publishers. We swapped stories frequently, comparing notes about what was happening with our respective editors and publishers. Invariably, at the end of each conversation, my manuscript and I were the subject of envy for getting such personal, professional attention from Bill Patrick and Sue Petrie at HW/ECP. Every conversation had a comment similar to: ‘You talk to your editor 2 or 3 times a week, are you kidding me? I’ve only talked to mine once… Your publisher’s doing what for you–really?’ Now that all four books are out, many comments from my fellow authors are prefaced with, ‘I’m not getting the level of marketing support that your publisher is giving you…’ And, ‘I didn’t get anything close to the editorial support that you did….’ HW/ECP invests in its authors’ stories, both literally and figuratively. It has been apparent to me every step of the way that telling my story in the best possible form was as important to Bill and Sue as it was to me. Of the handful of first-time authors that I know, there’s not another who can say that.”
– Amy F. Ryan, Shot: Staying Alive with Diabetes

“Hudson Whitman Press—publisher Susan Petrie and editor William Patrick—are smart, wise, and joyful purveyors of books, from acquisition to editing to the glorious day when the book arrives, elegantly birthed, both print and
eBook. Long may they and their efforts on behalf of authors prosper!”
– Thomas Larson, The Sanctuary of Illness: A Memoir of Heart Disease

“You know, when I was first trying to learn about writing books and talking to folks about publishing, I kept thinking that I wanted to work with someone not just on one book, but on a whole platform of sorts. I wanted to find someone who would help me grow as a writer and push me to be better. From what I gather, that’s the kind of relationship Hemingway had with his editor. Sadly, I was told repeatedly that paradigm no longer existed. I realize we haven’t inked another deal yet, but I’m very grateful to have found Hudson-Whitman. Sue Petrie has helped me a great deal to grow as a writer, and I thank her for that.”
– David Chrisinger, editor, See Me for Who I Am: Student Veterans’ Stories of War and Coming Home