Cybersecurity in Our Digital Lives

Edited by Jane LeClair and Gregory Keeley

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Page count: 250

ISBN: 978-0-9898451-4-4

Pub Date: March 2015

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Category: Cybersecurity

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“While systems, tools, and rules can help build a bubble of defense against cyber-attack, their deployment are oft times too late. In the end, the most important resources for threat prevention and attack mitigation are found in the preparedness of trained professionals. This book examines how individuals and organizations can be better prepared.”
—From the Foreword by John Ashcroft, 79th U.S. Attorney General

Did you know your car can be hacked? Your medical device? Your employer’s HVAC system? Are you aware that bringing your own device to work may have security implications?

Consumers of digital technology are often familiar with headline-making hacks and breaches, but lack a complete understanding of how and why they happen, or if they have been professionally or personally compromised. In Cybersecurity in Our Digital Lives, twelve experts provide much-needed clarification on the technology behind our daily digital interactions. They explain such things as supply chain, Internet of Things, social media, cloud computing, mobile devices, the C-Suite, social engineering, and legal confidentially. Then, they discuss very real threats, make suggestions about what can be done to enhance security, and offer recommendations for best practices. An ideal resource for students, practitioners, employers, and anyone who uses digital products and services.

Contributors include Diana Burley, Ron Carpinella, Dave Chesebrough, Reg Harnish, Kevin Jackson, Thomas Malatesta, Pete O’Dell, Andrew A. Proia, Drew Simshaw, Derek Smith, James Swanson, and Justin Zeefe.

Dr. Jane LeClair is the Chief Operating Officer of Excelsior College’s recently launched National Cybersecurity Institute (NCI), located in Washington, D.C. Dr. LeClair is a former dean of The School of Business and Technology, also at Excelsior College.




Gregory Keeley is President of Ariana Partners, a discreet Washington D.C.-based intelligence, kinetic, and cybersecurity practice. Keeley has the unique distinction of service in both the U.S. Navy and the Royal Australian Navy, and has served in various capacities within the U.S. Government and Her Majesty’s Australian Service.